Mohammad Ali Salim

Mohammad Ali Salim Awarded the Prestigious MFIAP Distinction.
In Paris, France, the International Federation of Photographic Art, FIAP, awarded Mohammad Ali Salim "Master Photographer of FIAP" (MFIAP) in April 2013 .The distinction is awarded to a photographic artist in recognition of his/her entire achievements in the field of artistic photography.He is the 2nd recipient of the MFIAP in the United States; the first was awarded in 1984. Mr. Salim is also the only Bangladeshi born MFIAP to date. According to FIAP, "Master Photographer of FIAP" (MFIAP) : This is the highest distinction for photographic merit that FIAP grants and does require photography of the very highest standard and equates to a ‘doctorate’ in educational terms.

Salim was born in 1959 and has been photographing for over 44 years. He received his diploma in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography in 1995.

In addition to his recent MFIAP distinction, Salim was awarded several other distinctions and honors including:

MASTER (MPSA) from Photographic Society of America (PSA) 2013."In order to qualify for MPSA it is required to have: 1,500 or more acceptances supported by Star/Galaxy Rating certificates".
Salim was listed in PSA Who’s Who 2010, 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 as a Top North American Exhibitor.

EFIAP/p (Excellence FIAP Platinum) The highest excellence FIAP lavel distinction from The International Federation of Photographic Art 2014, There are four “Levels”, Bronze (EFIAP/b), Silver (EFIAP/s), Gold (EFIAP/g) and Platinum (EFIAP/p) and each must be obtained in sequential order shown here.

Honourary PESGSPC for my outstanding contribution in Art Photography from PASCAL English School and Greek School Photographic Club Greece in 2016.

Liftime Achievement Award in respectful recognitation of the outstanding contribution and services in the field of photography from Begart Institute of photography, Bangladesh in 2016.

Hon.FBPS (Honorary Fellowship of Bangladesh Photographic Society) in respectful recognitation of the outstanding contribution and services in the field of photography from BPS, Bangladesh in 2016.

Hon.FBSPA (Honorary Fellowship of Bangladesh Society of Photographic Art) in respectful recognitation of the outstanding contribution and services in the field of photography from BSPA, Bangladesh in 2014.

ARPS Associateship from Royal Photographic Society, UK in September 2013.

AIIPC distinction from India International Photographic council.
ABPS distinction from Bangladesh Photographic Society.

Photograohic Service:
Star/Galaxy/Dimond Rating Director -
Salim serving for Photographic Society of America's (PSA's) Star/Galaxy/Dimond Rating Director in Photo Travel Division Since June 2015.

Secretary -
He is serving as a Secretary of PSA Metropolitan Chapter since june 2015.

Founder President -
Salim is the founder President of New York Photo Association and FIAP Liaison Officer for The International Federation of Photographic Art since 2009.

Secretary General -
He served as a secretary general of Bangladesh Photographic Society for three terms till 1990.


14th PSSNY 2012 –PID C, PID M & PPD C Division.
16th PSSNY 2014 – PID C, PID M & PPD A C Division.
81st Wilmington 2014 – PJ Prints, PPD B C, PPD A C & PPD A M Division.
DVCCC International Photo Travel Circuit 2013 - Colonial Exhibition – 2 Section.
METROPOLITAN 2016 – PID C 2section, PID M Division
ATLANTIC 2016 – PID C, PID M, ND & PTD Division
He has served as a jury member above mention International Exhibitions.